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Latest News:  *** Welcome to Ala 78 Virtual website.    Check out some of our contents in this resume website. ***


Welcome to Ala 78 Virtual

Spanish Air Force Helicopter School (Virtual)

Objetive and missions:

The main task of the Virtual Ala78 is training new helicopter pilots. These must pass several stages of testing specified in our Training Plan to achieve the rank of pilot, and ultimately, be able to fly a helicopter in an efficient and professional manner. In parallel we must mention the activities of the Patrulla ASPA (Acrobatic Display Team), composed by instructors and selected pilots from Ala 78 Virtual .

Air Base and Fleet:

Located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, the Armilla Air Base, Granada (LEGA) is the unique setting in which the daily activities of Ala78 Virtual occur. Our "horse" of battle are the Eurocopter EC-120B "Colibri", the Sikorsky S-76C "Spirit" and venerable Agusta / Bell AB205 "Iroquois", used in both basic and advanced instruction. Complete our fleet with the Bell OH-58C "Kiowa," on loan from the FAMET, basic instruction for new pilots.

If you really enjoy flying in helicopters and are willing to work hard to overcome the challenge of achieving "your wings" pilot, this is your place.



Ala 78 Virtual it doesn't have any relation with the Ala 78 from Spanish Air Force in real life.

We are a group of enthusiast of military flight simulation that emulate the missions and tasks of the real Ala 78 located in Armilla, Granada (Spain).