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Active Fleet

Bell OH-58C "Kiowa"

- HR-12 -

Callsign: VALLE


Cross the Bell OH-13 "Sioux" in the work of pilot training in FAMET, the Bell 206 "Jetranger" (OH-58 "Kiowa") Colmenar Viejo reached in January 1974 to perform the same functions.

On loan from the FAMET, is used at Ala 78 Virtual for basic training of new pilots.

Eurocopter EC-120B "Colibrí"

- HE-25 -

Callsign: ASPA


The Eurocopter EC 120B "Colibri", HE-25 in his appointment to the Air Force, was chosen to replace the HE-20 for its excellent features for flying training, as well as its modern technology and ease of maintenance. In the summer of 2000 the incorporation of the 15 units purchased was initiated.

The EC 120B has features that enable you to carry out the missions of basic education and advanced education that the students of the Air Force. Its flight characteristics, simplicity of piloting and maneuverability make it ideal to perform these tasks with remarkable improvement in the quality of teaching, facilitating the transition to more complex types of helicopters.

Sikorsky S-76C "Spirit"

- HE-24 -

Callsign: GALGO


The Sikorsky S-76C, military designation HE-24 is the most modern helicopter in service with the Air Force. It is manufactured in the United States and Arriel 1S1 mounted two turbines manufactured in France.


It accommodates 2 pilots and 12 passengers and given its modern avionics can be flown by a single pilot flight even in poor visibility conditions (IMC). Has ability to perform navigation, landing and hovering backing automatic, for which has 2 autopilots and 2 flight directors.


Historical Fleet

Hughes 300C

- HE-20 -

Callsign: ASPA


The first units of HE-20 were received in 1978 and caused low in April 2001 and has provided an invaluable service in the work of instruction for new helicopter pilots.

Agusta/Bell 205

- HE-10 -

Indicativo: GALGO


World-renowned UH 1-H (HE-10B) and Agusta / Bell 205 (HE-10A) version, equipped with the T53-L-13 turbine and crane rescue from SAR units were used until low 1993 for teaching instrument flight and mission secondary role.

Until its replacement by the Sikorsky S-76 C (HE-24), carried out 35,000 h. flight instruction and 50,000 total hours, having obtained his IFR rating controls over 500 pilots.