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Note from Ala 78 Virtual STAFF Office:

                    "As is published at Start website, Ala 78 Virtual is not related in any way with the real Ala 78 squadron from Spanish Air Force.


                        We are a group of flight simulation enthusiasts that like to emulate the missions and tasks of the real squadron.


                        If you want to contact us for any concern, you can email us to this email:  oficina (at) ala78virtual.es  and send us your request.


                        We will be more than happy to help you in any question about our organizarion and missions.


                        Happy flights."





Simulation Platform in use by our members:

                        * Flight Simulator 2004 updated to 9.1

                        * Ibnet Player installed

                        * IVAP y IVAO MTLs installed

                        * Teamspeak 2.0 Client (IVAO)

                        * Teamspeak 3.0 Client (Ala 78 Virtual)

                        * Andalucía photoreal scenery from Jose Antonio Romero (Real Spain VFR)

                        * Spain Terrain Mesh (Air Hispania, FS Global, etc.)